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Information, access and privacy

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Our Privacy Policy is based on the idea that individuals involved in a patient's 'circle of care' should have access only to as much information as they need to provide the best health care possible. We treat your health information with the utmost respect and sensitivity.

We collect information to support your care

We collect basic information on patients (for example your name, address and date of birth) so that we will know who you are each time you visit our hospital. We also collect information about the tests, procedures and other care you receive during your visits. Information may be collected and stored in different ways - paper chart, electronic files or images.

We protect access to patient records

The team providing your care including physicians, nurses, technicians, therapists, and other health professionals are allowed to see your health information when required. Sometimes, we ask other healthcare organizations and health professionals for information about you if we require it for your care at Bridgepoint Hospital.

How is health information used?

  1. To provide you with health care services.
  2. To comply with legal and regulatory requirements.
  3. To make our health services better and more efficient.
  4. To support research.
  5. To support educational activities