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During this time where physical distancing is necessary to limit the spread of COVID-19, some Sinai Health clinics are offering care virtually by telephone or video. Speak with your clinic or health care provider directly to discuss whether this is an option for you. Visit this link for more details on virtual care options.

The Christine Sinclair Ambulatory Care Centre

The Christine Sinclair Ambulatory Care Centre helps clients with complex health conditions that may be met in an outpatient setting. The centre include state-of- the-art facilities, a gym with large windows, ophthalmology suites, and a therapeutic pool overlooking Riverdale Park.

Musculoskeletal rehabilitation program

We offer outpatient services for patients with complex musculoskeletal rehabilitation needs with a short-term intensive program. Appropriate patients include those who have had orthopaedic surgery for complex fracture, multiple trauma, rheumatic disease or complex soft tissue injuries.  Program duration: Approximately 6 weeks.

Neurological rehabilitation program 

We offer outpatient services for patients with complex neurological rehabilitation needs with a short-term intensive program. Appropriate patients include those with a recent acquired brain injury, stroke or neurovascular impairment or a neuromuscular disorder. Patients in this program have access to vocational rehabilitation, neuropsychology services and a neurological peer support group for younger adults.   Program duration: Approximately 8 weeks. 

Total joint replacement rehabilitation program

Our rehabilitation program is for patients who have undergone elective knee and hip replacement surgery.  The total knee replacement program includes: individualized and detailed home exercise programs with access to the aquatic program as needed; participation in a group rehab program, offering therapy twice a week; and evaluation and recommendations for mobility aids and home equipment. Program duration: 5-6 weeks or 10-12 visits.

The total hip replacement program includes: a one-time assessment and education session with a physiotherapist.  Please fill in the referral forms and fax them to 416-461-2089 to enroll in the program.

Seating Clinic 

Addresses both the basic and complex seating needs of patients who require the use of an assistive device to support mobility. Please fill in a referral form and fax it to 416-461-2089.

Mindfulness based stress reduction program

This program combines eastern practices of meditation and exercise, with western understanding of stress and its effect on physical and mental health. Research has demonstrated its effectiveness in many chronic health conditions, including chronic pain. Patients meet weekly over the course of 9 weeks.  They learn a variety of meditation practices focused on developing skills in moment-to-moment, non-judgmental awareness of their experiences in life. Patients who engage fully in the program arelikely to experience reduced levels of pain and emotional distress, increased activity levels and enhanced self-esteem by the end of the program.  There is a small fee associated with this program.

Pain management program

This 10-week program uses a cognitive-behavioural approach and physical activity to provide coping strategies. It is available to people with a medically stable chronic pain condition, which has been present for longer than 6 months and has not been responsive to traditional medical intervention. There is a small fee associated with this program.

To make a referral to one of our outpatient programs, please fill in a referral form. Please note that all Ambulatory Care Referrals should be faxed to 416-461-2089.