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Improving care through research

The Bridgepoint Collaboratory for Research and Innovation is leading a new field of study strategically designed to respond to one of the most pressing areas of need for healthcare research in Ontario, Canada and the world: examining ways to improve the care and the entire life experience of patients living with complex chronic health conditions.

The problems our researchers are addressing arise as a result of a healthcare system that is heavily focused on treating one condition at a time. Current research indicates that such an approach leads to both problems in patient care and inefficient healthcare spending. The ultimate goal of our research is to create solutions to both problems. 

With that goal in mind, our researchers work in three broad thematic areas:  Health Systems, Clinical Services and Design and Health.

They are leading projects as varied as:

  • How patients with many conditions move through the system and the care they receive along that continuum - from family doctor to specialists, through acute care, rehab and to home care
  • How  stroke rehab can be improved for patients with multiple conditions; How technology such as tablets can be put to use by patients to improve their care, and;
  • How the design of a healthcare facility can impact patients with multiple chronic conditions.

Fast facts about the Collaboratory

  •  The Collaboratory was established as a research centre at Bridgepoint Hospital in 2009, with Dr. Renee Lyons as its first Scientific Director.
  • Research spending at the Collaboratory for 2013 was $4 million.
  • In 2013, the Collaboratory was home to 6 Principal Investigators, 3 Affiliate Scientists, an Associate Researcher, 2 Post-Doctoral Fellows, and 17 project staff and student interns.
  • Receives nearly $500,000 grant funding per scientist - well above the national average.
  • Only research centre in Canada dedicated to the study of chronic complex conditions.
  • Home to the Ministry of Health and CIHR-funded Hospital Design and Health Outcomes project - the largest-ever evaluation of hospital design in Canada that seeks to understand how the design of a hospital can enhance health and well-being.
  • 27 ongoing projects in 2013.
  • First-ever 5 year Strategic Plan for the Collaboratory was approved by the Bridgepoint Hospital Board of Directors  in September 2013.