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Inpatient care

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Our inpatient programs focus on identifying and addressing your goals that need to be met in the hospital - and developing a single care plan that will help your achieve your optimal health.  In addition, there a number of services available to our patients to help support your rehabilitation.

To find out how to make a referral, please read out Referring Partners Guide.

Orthopedic Rehab

This program helps people recover from a traumatic injury such as a hip fracture or joint surgery. It could be the result of serious injuries in a car accident, a long illness in hospital, or a broken hip from a fall. We help individuals regain their strength, physical abilities and independence. We also help patients with progressive bone and joint disorders (e.g., rheumatologic conditions).  While length of stay will vary by individual needs, the general program runs  4 to 8 weeks. 

Stroke & Neurological Rehab

This program is for patients who have experienced moderate to severe impairment after a stroke, a brain injury (acquired or traumatic), or neuromuscular condition and have a good chance of recovery. While length of stay will vary by individual needs, the general program is 4 to 8 weeks. 

Palliative Care

Our palliative care service provides support and care to individuals in the end stages of terminal illness such as cancer, kidney failure, advanced stages of a chronic disease and HIV/AIDS.  The services are focused on helping patients manage their physical pain and supporting families through this difficult period.

Dialysis & Renal Care

This program offers skilled nursing care and a range of diagnostic and therapeutic services for patients with advanced stage renal disease. Our partnership with The Scarborough Hospital allows our patients to receive dialysis treatment on-site.

Medical Rehab

This program is for patients with significant health impairment, disability or advanced stage disease. Our programming focuses on quality of life, coping and adaptation to illness/disability.  

Neurological Care

This program is for patients who have severe neurological impairments. Our team approach brings together  individuals with diverse medical training who are all dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive treatment possible.