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Bridgepoint is a leading provider of stroke rehabilitation, recognized with Stroke Distinction from Accreditation Canada for our exceptional commitment to excellence, innovation, high-quality services, and positive outcomes.

Bridgepoint provides an integrated team approach to caring for stroke patients and helping them get back to their lives. Our unique approach also integrates research, teaching, best practice and innovative practices to understand the unique opportunities and clinical care that will make the greatest impact for complex patients.

In 2014/15, Bridgepoint had the best length of stay efficiency in the Toronto Central LHIN - meaning our stroke patients saw more functional improvement in a shorter amount of time. Because we are effective and efficient, we are also able to care for more patients.


High Intensity Stroke Care


Bridgepoint's Stroke Programs

High Intensity Stroke Care

  • High intensity rehab program for patients who have experienced moderate to severe impairment resulting from a stroke
  • Includes 180 minutes of therapy per day, 6 days a week (occupational, physio, speech)
  • Review our Stroke Report Card for more about high intensity rehab at Bridegpoint

Reconditioning Stroke Care

  • Lower intensity rehab program for patients who require a slower paced therapy program or who may require a longer length of stay

Specialized Medical and Complex Care

  • Designed for patients with significant health impairments who have finished a course of rehab or are not able to participate in a rehab program
  • Emphasis on stabilization, health, optimization, functional maintenance and risk reduction

Outpatient Stroke Care

  • Held at the Christine Sinclair Ambulatory Care centre
  • A short-term intensive active rehab program
  • Includes therapy (group and individual), education and case management services

Stroke Report

For more information on our stroke programs, read our patient brochure.

Patient Perspectives

"All of my leaps and bounds at Bridgepoint were huge. My care providers taught me to think of things as challenging, but not hard. For me,the choice to be more positive was vital."

Read Carie Bayes' story

"I knew rehab would be pivotal in my recovery. At such a young age, I wanted to make sure I got the best care possible - and Bridgepoint was the easy choice!"

Read Erin Thompson's story  

"When I arrived at Bridgepoint in January, I was in a wheelchair, and I was scared. I'll never forget the porter who took me to my first physio session. He reassured me that he'd seen people achieve remarkable things at Bridgepoint. That really lifted me. When I was discharged in February, I was walking with a cane. I'm happy, fortunate and grateful - and I couldn't have done it without Bridgepoint."

Read Dale Herceg's story             

Stroke Education Series

Research shows that the optimal time for recovery from a stroke is in the first six months. The Stroke Education Series helps patients
become fully involved and engaged in their recovery process. We offer six education modules to stroke patients and their families. Sessions
are led by members of our ambulatory care team and our stroke unit. The goal is to help patients learn about their recovery - from
rehabilitation to finding resources in the community.

Module OneModule One Fact Sheet
Module TwoModule Two Fact Sheet
Module Three

Module Three Fact Sheet

Module Three Fact Sheet 2

Module Three Fact Sheet 3

Module FourModule Four Fact Sheet
Module FiveModule Five Fact Sheet
Module SixCommunity Resource List

Research in Stroke Rehabilitation

Research Scientist Michelle Nelson investigates how to make stroke rehabilitation relevant to patients with multiple conditions. Michelle Nelson and researchers from the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute presented a scoping review of stroke rehabilitation and patients with multimorbidity, which ranked in the top five poster submissions at the Canadian Stroke Congress.

Our research has driven best-practice changes that earned Bridgepoint's Stroke Rehabilitation Program Accreditation Canada's Stroke Distinction award - one of only four hospitals to earn this distinction.