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The Bridgepoint Family Health Team provides primary care to 5,500 patients from the Riverdale community and across the GTA. Our team uses an innovative service model that includes you, the patient, as a full partner in your care.

We bring family physicians together with interdisciplinary health care professionals - including a nurse practitioner, registered nurses, a social worker, and diabetes nurse/dietitian educators.  We work as a team to provide you with the best patient care possible.

Bridgepoint Family Health Team Collaborative Family Practice Prenatal Care Clinic

Open to all patients at  BFHT, as well as outside referrals

Please call 416-470-6690 #4 to schedule an appointment

Care is provided by Dr. Kamens and our team of nurse practitioners, nurses, and social worker.

Patients will deliver at Sunnybrook Hospital with the Family Practice Obstetrics Team, backed by the support of Sunnybrook's excellent Women & Babies Program of childbirth educators, maternal fetal medicine specialists and neonatal services.

Pandemic Fatigue Virtual Group

This 8 week virtual group will address specific aspects of the impact of Covid-19.  Topics will include the following:

  • Surviving relationships with family members
  • Managing social isolation
  • Coping with your moods (stress, worries, anxiety, and low mood)
  • Explore different coping skills and create individualized care plans

Benefits of the group include:

  • Building your support network
  • Better understanding of how you cope with stress
  • Decrease feelings of hopelessness
  • Increase resiliency

 If you think that this group may be a right fit for you, please contact one of our social workers at extension 416-470-6690, extension 2626 (Mon-Tue-Wed) or 2629 (Wed-Thu-Fri).  If you are already signed up for this group, please click here to download the Agenda and Workbook.