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As a learning organization focused on meeting the needs of individuals with complex health conditions, we offer students an invaluable learning experience.

We believe that the combination of energy, fresh thinking and knowledge transfer is a reciprocal relationship that results in benefits to both the hospital and the student - and ultimately to our patients. In addition, it is only through acquiring and sharing new knowledge that we will be able to train the next generation of healthcare providers to more fully understand complex health conditions and in turn, treat them more effectively.

We welcome the involvement, participation and contribution of students studying in many health disciplines. Our affiliation with the University of Toronto allows us to engage with undergraduate and graduate students covering a wide field of study.

Sinai Health System Education Report

Sinai Healht System Education ReportBridgepoint Active Healthcare has a long and rich history of clinical education and learning. As part of the Sinai Health System, our latest educational activities are included in a new integrated report card.

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