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We want to ensure you have rights tools and services to help you focus on your placement while you are here.  


  • The entrance to the Riverside Bistro is located on the hospital's Main Floor, south of the elevators on the east side. It is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily.
  • There is also a Tim Hortons on the Main Floor, facing Broadview Avenue. Vending machines are located throughout the building. There is an Ontario Nutrition on the Main Floor.
  • Every patient care unit has a staff lounge with a fridge and microwave for staff use.


  • If you are here with an individual supervisor for more than about a week the Academic Office will get you an account to access the Bridgepoint internal network and internal website (Portal) and an email account.  You will receive information about your accounts at Orientation.

Health Science Library

  • The hospital has many shared work areas for students.
  • The Health Science Library on the Main Floor of the hospital is very welcoming to students, with several computers and quiet work spaces.
  • Please email the clinical library or phone x2436 for further information.

Access to laptop computers

  • Most students will be able to obtain satisfactory access to a computer in the Unit with their supervisor.  For students for whom this is not possible the Academic Office is normally able to provide a laptop on loan for the duration of the placement.
  • Please contact the Academic Office to arrange this.
  • A deposit of $10 or $20 will be required, returned at the end of the placement when the laptop is returned to the Academic Office.  Please bring exact change if at all possible!

Keeping your items safe

  • The lockers for nursing students are located on the Loading Level of the hospital. Lockers can be used during the day and students must provide their own locks.
  • Arrangements are made on each unit to maintain security of personal items for all other students. Please discuss with your supervisor the best option for you.
  • If you are not able to obtain satisfactory facilities in your Unit the Academic Office may (subject to other demands on space) be able to provide you with a locker.


  • Underground parking at Bridgepoint is available via Jack Layton Way (off Broadview) or via St. Matthews Road (off Gerrard). The visitor daily rate is a maximum of $18 charged at $4.50 per hour.  The student rate is a maximum of $7.
  • To obtain the student rate you must follow the instructions below.  The student rate is NOT available on your first day of placement.  The facility below is offered to students at Bridgepoint for either a few weeks or a set number of days per week.  If you will be at Bridgepoint full time for a number of months see the final paragraph.
  • To avoid paying the visitor charge on your first day park across the road from Bridgepoint in a GreenP (City Council) car park or use public transport to come in.
  • You must request a student parking pass when you collect your student security access card from the Security Office on your first day.
  • Load the student parking pass with funds at the automated payment machine in the Bridgepoint car park.  You may use cash (exact change up to $14) or a credit card (payment in $35 increments only).
  • You may load the card either on foot on your first day, or your next day, when you return in your car.
  • Use the card to pay when you exit the car park - the rate is $7 per exit.  You cannot leave and re-enter during the day without paying the normal hourly rate, maximum for students $7 per exit.
  • Towards the end of your placement you can load the card with cash in $1 increments to ensure you spend the exact amount remaining.
  • There is no reimbursement of any remaining credit on the student parking card.

  • There are two "Green P" parking lots nearby. The closest is at 573 Gerrard on the south side of Gerrard, just west of Broadview. Charges are around $6 from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Food Services students should note that the early start will increase the cost of parking at the Green P.
  • Street parking is very limited. Please read the signs carefully, as parking is allowed in most legal spots for one hour only after 10 a.m.
  • On your last day you can return the parking pass after your last exit from the car park.  On your final exit turn left into St. Matthew's Road and double back into the Bridgepoint ambulatory vehicle park, where the ambulances park.  Tell the guard on duty that you are dropping off a pass.  You can drop off the pass to the Security office through the left hand doors marked CACC.
  • If you will be at Bridgepoint full time (at least five days per week) for two months or more then you may wish to use the direct debit facility available through the Business Office.  This offers a modest saving for frequent use over the parking card, but is only economic for full months of daily use.  Part months are not available.


  • Our Employee Portal is a tool to help you find information about the organization, your team and your orientation. 
  • The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Calendar contains learning events that occur within Bridgepoint Hospital. External continuing education and conferences are also listed.

 Resident Rotation Health Test Requirements

  • For University of Toronto medical residents doing blocks of their Core Rotation at Bridgepoint only  we are currently able to provide facilities for TB testing and maskfit testing.  Interested residents should contact the Occupational Health Department direct.

 Student Space

A new space for student use has been designated in Unit 2North, room 2.130.  You can enter with your access card at any time.  The room has work tables, computers and small lockers for individual day use.  You can work there, practice your presentation, have a break etc.  As the room is in a patient care area please be sensitive to noise on arriving and leaving.  If an Outbreak occurs on the Unit follow guidance from Unit staff.