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Orientation Checklist

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Prior to your first day of placement/observership, you must read the following policy documents and submit the Registration Form to Roland de Vega, Academic Coordinator:

  • Step One - review policies and take quizzes
  • Step Two - complete registration form
  • Step Three - view a map of Bridgepoint, note circle one, Ambulatory Entrance and circle three, Academic Office location.

Step One: Review policy documents and take quizzes

Please note that Bridgepoint does not require you to undertake duplicate training.  If you have completed mandatory training in Privacy, Workplace Violence, Infection Control, sharps procedures, WHMIS, Hand Hygiene or Accessible Customer Service at a health care institution within the last 12 months you do not need to take the quizzes below.  Everyone must review the Code Red and Code Green procedures and quiz as they are unique to Bridgepoint.  You will be asked to note on your Registration Form where and when you did your training.

A. Sinai Health Privacy Policy and a quiz online

B. Bridgepoint Code of Ethics

C. Hand Hygiene quiz online

D. Code Red and Code Green and a quiz online

E. Violence in the Workplace Prevention and Management quiz online

F. Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Sheets quiz online

G. Accessible Customer Service quiz online 

H. Health and Safety Awareness quiz online

Bridgepoint thanks the Toronto Academic Health Science Network for access to the quizzes on privacy, violence in the workplace, hand hygiene and WHMIS.

Please note that we have more training information and non-mandatory quizzes in the 'Resources' section.

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 Step Two: Complete and submit the registration form

Fill out the Registration Form (Word Document - will be downloaded) and submit it to the Academic Coordinator.

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Step Three: View map of the site

We recommend that you park off site on your first day - GreenP (municipal) parking is available at the purple arrow.  Most students enter at circle 1.  The Academic Office is at circle 3.

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