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Prior to your first day of placement/observership, you must read the following policy documents and submit the Registration Form to Roland de Vega, Academic Coordinator:

  • Step One - review policies and take quizzes
  • Step Two - complete registration form
  • Step Three - complete e-Module EMR training.  Everyone who will be using the patient record must look at the first module below.  Nursing students coming in a group must also work through the second module.  Other students are welcome to view it as a useful option.
  • Step Four - obtain an influenza vaccination if you have not already had one for the season. 
  • Step Five - view a map of Bridgepoint, note circle one, Ambulatory Entrance and circle three, Academic Office location.

STEP ONE: Review policy documents and take quizzes

Please note that Bridgepoint does not require you to undertake duplicate training.  If you have completed mandatory training in Privacy, Workplace Violence, Infection Control, sharps procedures, WHMIS, Hand Hygiene or Accessible Customer Service at a health care institution within the last 12 months you do not need to take the quizzes below.  Everyone must review the Code Red and Code Green procedures and quiz as they are unique to Bridgepoint.  You will be asked to note on your Registration Form where and when you did your training.

A. Bridgepoint Health Privacy Policy and a quiz online

B. Bridgepoint Code of Ethics

C. Hand Hygiene quiz on line

D. Code Red and Code Green and a quiz online

E. Violence in the Workplace Prevention and Management quiz online

F. Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Sheets quiz online

G. Accessible Customer Service quiz online 

H. Health and Safety Awareness quiz online

Bridgepoint thanks the Toronto Academic Health Science Network for access to the quizzes on privacy, violence in the workplace, hand hygiene and WHMIS.

Please note that we have more training information and non-mandatory quizzes in the 'Resources' section.

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 STEP TWO: Complete and submit the registration form

Fill out the Registration Form and submit it to the Academic Coordinator.

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STEP THREE: Review electronic documentation 

Bridgepoint Active Healthcare has almost full electronic documentation of patients' medical records. All of our inpatient units use electronic documentation, and all learners going to these units require training which we will provide early during your placement.

Everyone who will be charting electronically or viewing the EMR (Electronic Medical Record) must review and be familiar with the following module prior to your training.


You should note that even the basic EMR training is comprehensive and demanding.  You must ensure you are fully familiar with the module above prior to arrival.  Nursing students can generally expect to spend around five hours in EMR training, other professions between two and three hours.


Nursing students coming to Bridgepoint in groups please review the material below carefully. This will form the basis of your on-site EMR training.  You will be working through the material again once you arrive so do not worry if you do not understand all of the material at this stage – but you should have worked through it at least once.


Nursing students joining us with an individual preceptor might also find the material interesting and it will be helpful as you do your own training, but it is not mandatory.

Trainees at all levels may download the comprehensive EMR instructions from the Resources pages of the website. 

STEP FOUR: Confirm immunisation requirements.  Obtain influenza vaccination for the current influenza season

All students must meet Bridgepoint immunisation and TB testing standards.  In most cases you will do this through your academic institution.  If you have any questions about this please check first with your institution.  The hospital's immunisation and surveillance policy sheet is here for your information.

Bridgepoint does not require you to bring in copies of your vaccination and immunity documentation at the start of placement.  The only certificate you must bring in is a photocopy of you latest flu vaccination certificate.  We ask for a photocopy as our Occupational Health office will keep this.

Don't forget that the flu vaccine can take up to two weeks to reach full potency.  We encourage all students to obtain the vaccination as soon as it is available.

STEP FIVE: View map of the site

We recommend that you park off site on your first day - GreenP (municipal) parking is available at the purple arrow.  Most students enter at circle 1.  The Academic Office is at circle 3.

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