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What Our Staff Say About Us

We asked staff what inspired them about working at Bridgepoint. This is what they told us.

“I’m inspired by our commitment to evoke positive changes in the lives of those with complex health issues.”
– 7 North staff member

“Everyone at Bridgepoint is committed to working together to create a safe, pleasant and healthy environment. I am proud to be part of Bridgepoint. I love what I do!”

“The teamwork, camaraderie and dedication that each team member showed during our move still inspires us today. We know that we can achieve anything when we work as a team.”
- Food Services staff member

“Staff at Bridgepoint are resilient. They bring positive suggestions for positive change.”
– Member of Senior Management

“I am inspired by the beauty and the views from patient rooms. This makes such a difference in healing and recovery.”
– Occupational Therapist

“Bridgepoint has uncompromising compassion for the patient and supportive teams.”
– Finance staff member“

The people who work here are caring, committed and dedicated. We share one common goal.”
– Ambulatory Care staff member

“Every single day, coming to work is refreshing, inspiring and motivating. Every one of us feels that way.”
– Information Technology staff member“We just rise to the challenge and run with it.” - Dietitian

“Bridgepoint is an example of what healthcare can be like!” – Pharmacist“I have been volunteering with Bridgepoint for 15 years and the transformation they have gone through is amazing.”
– Volunteer