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InService training includes: EMR training, ethics, Human Resources, and infection control. Each group's individual InService training schedule is provided in the orientation folders.

Please note that the InService training in ethics is separate from the Brown Bag Ethics Lunches offered by Dr. Peter Allatt to all staff and students.

These presentations are individually set up for each group. If you cannot attend any of these pre-arranged InService presentations, Clinical Instructors should please let us know at your earliest convenience as presenters need to be informed of any cancellations well in advance. 

If a Clinical Instructor wishes to confirm a session or has any question about the InService training schedule, please contact Katherine Brown.

We collect evaluation feedback for all our InService sessions to assess quality and usefulness.  In general we collect data on paper for maximal user convenience, but for EMR training only, from May 2017, we are experimenting with collecting evaluation data via a Survey Monkey web form.  Students will be given the link at the end of the training session, but for convenience it is here as well: