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Electronic Medical Record Manual for Physicians v5.66 March 2016

Here is the latest version of the Bridgepoint Meditech manual.  Please feel free to download this document on to your tablet for your convenience whilst at the hospital.  The file size is 4.43Mb. so you may need to wait a few seconds for full download.  Hardcopy is available on request from the Academic Office. 

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Dictation Instructions

Here are instructions for making dictated consultation and discharge notes.  If you are an incoming physician trainee please download them into your portable device from this link.

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Pagers and Mobile Phone Numbers

We offer medical students and Residents a pager whilst you are at Bridgepoint or you can add your own pager number to our internal directory.  In this latter case you need to contact Helpdesk to have your number added to the directory used by Switchboard.

If medical trainees wish your mobile phone number to be available to internal callers it is possible to put that number into the internal directory and it will be available in the same way and in the same places that a pager number is available.  You need to be aware that the number will continue to be available for a short period after you leave until the data is updated.  However, the likelihood of being called is small!

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Manikin and Learning Laboratory Booking

 Bridgepoint has a manikin torso JTW-2500 NGTube and Trach Care Simulator.  It is designed for basic tracheostomy care and air way management.  It is situated in Room 5.010, the Learning Laboratory.  The manikin may be booked via the Academic Office.  Please allow two day's notice for booking.  The first use of the manikin by any user will be with one of the Nurse Educators.

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Patient Experience

Learning the perspective of the people you will be working with is invaluable.  This link will take you to the in-patients' guide to the hospital.

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Sharps handling techniques

Available to all disciplines but of particular relevance to nurses, we offer on-line training in sharps handling and the management of sharps injuries.  Click here to access.

 Bridgepoint thanks the Toronto Academic Health Science Network for access to the quizzes on sharps handling.

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Workload Measurement Training

Coming soon.

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Workplace Health and Safety

Here is a link to materials provided by the Ministry of Labour covering this important topic.  This material is in addition to the Health and Safety Awareness training you will have done as part of your initial orientation training.  To view the material you should choose to "access the e-learning module".

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Ontario Human Rights Code and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

Again, this is additional information on the AODA.  You will already have covered aspects of this topic during orientation training.  Click here for a link to the Ontario Human Rights Commission website.

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Transfers and Lifting

 Here is useful information for all students on moving patients and using the equipment provided to enable you to do this.  This is an area where injuries can occur and attention to training and Unit procedures will be of especial value.

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Clinical Information Resources

Bridgepoint has a well stocked clinical library, open 24/7 with your access card. Located at M.106 by the Main Entrance, the facility includes computers, printer, lockable charging stations, study carrels and a quiet meeting place. Nursing Groups have a short session on the resources available as part of their InService training. 

For a list of training sessions please see the Calendar on the top page of the Bridgepoint Portal.   Patricia Petruga, in the Health Science Library, is available for one to one training on the databases or a review of our resources. Do contact her for more information at extension 2436.

Spiritual Care

Bridgepoint has an active Spiritual Care Department available to all patients.  Information on the Department is available here.

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