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The Academic Office encourages all students to complete the Final Clinical Evaluation Form and return it both to highlight valuable aspects of their placement and to show where processes or support could be changed or improved.

In recent months the Academic Office has responded to many of the comments made on FCEFs including the following ways:

  • arranging Electronic Medical Record training as close to the first day of placement as possible
  • providing routine training in the use of Automated Drugs Cabinets for nursing groups
  • placing this ADC training as close to the start of placement as possible
  • making career advice from the hospital Human Resources Department available to all students
  • clarifying orientation requirements for specific discipline groups
  • making available access to specialised simulation equipment and resources to selected nursing groups
  • Liaising closely with the Security Office to ensure that access card technical failure does not prevent students from getting access to the rooms they need
  • arranging specialist training from hospital experts on request for students
  • providing information about volunteer opportunities to students completing their placements

The Academic Office welcomes all comments from students and Group Instructors, whether made on the FCEF, or offered direct to Robyn or Katherine.