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Education and Learning at Bridgepoint


 As a participant in the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement's (CFHI) Partnering with Patients and Families for Quality Improvement Collaborative, we are turning the table and learning directly from care recipients in a new initiative to enhance care delivery. Read more



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Internationally educated nurses (IENs) have a long history of learning at Bridgepoint, coming in instructor led groups to the hospital for almost a decade. We continue to build on this history and our reputation for excellence in integrated, multi-disciplinary care. And thanks to a great partnership with George Brown College and funding from the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, we are creating a curriculum that introduces the concepts of interprofessional practice in the context of the Canadian healthcare system. Read more




The Bridgepoint Collaboratory for Research and Innovation is addressing problems that arise as a result of a healthcare system that is heavily focused on treating one condition at a time. Our state-of-the-art hospital provides us a "living laboratory" that allows our researchers to connect directly with patients and the clinicians working with them. Our focus is on changing policy, creating best practices and developing new tools to help these patients. Learn more


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Caring for a patient with dementia can be incredibly challenging. Caring for a patient with dementia, in addition to various complex health conditions, is even more challenging. Our annual education survey revealed that professionals across the organization were struggling to effectively care for this growing patient population. Read more


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Imagine if there was a comprehensive interprofessional team of clinicians to follow your patients and support your discharge recommendations after returning home? Imagine having access to ongoing information and updates about your patients once they have returned to the community? The Bridge to Home (B2H) program seeks to ease the transition from hospital to home by engaging with patient and families prior to leaving the hospital and then following-up with them once they have returned home. Read more




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