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Thank you for helping us reach our goal

Canadians face a looming healthcare challenge. People are living longer, with complex health conditions, within a system designed for individual conditions, not individual patients.

Thank you to all that supported the Live Better Campaign, with your help we have reached our goal and can ensure that patients and their families have the highest quality care - and the best possible future.

Your support has helped patients and families live better

By donating, you have helped patients reach their ultimate goals: better lives and better health. Your donations have:

  • Provided excellent patient care and programs for people living with complex health conditions.
  • Completed our gardens and park settings, and the preservation of the historic Don Jail, to benefit patients, families, staff, and the whole community.
  • Funded research by the Bridgepoint Collaboratory, advancing critical understanding and innovations in complex health  conditions.

Your generosity has transformed healthcare

With your help, we have built the world's leading centre for managing, delivering, researching, teaching and providing care for patients with complex health conditions and those in need of rehabilitation, so they can live better.

Bridgepoint, part of Sinai Health System, has the knowledge, experience and extraordinary sense of purpose is transforming care for our patients - and we are building a model that is applicable not only to Bridgepoint, but throughout Sinai Health System and healthcare organizations around the world.

The Live Better Campaign for Bridgepoint has helped people get their lives back - and to live better. We could have not done it without the support of our community, the Government of Ontario and the City of Toronto. Thank you.