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Bridgepoint Active Healthcare staff celebrates one year in their new home

Posted on Friday May 02, 2014
Bridgepoint Staff
Bridgepoint Staff celebrate one year anniversary

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One year ago, Bridgepoint Active Healthcare flung open the doors of its new hospital in Riverdale.

“We’ve been here a year and it’s been fantastic,” enthused Marian Walsh, Bridgepoint’s president and CEO, Tuesday afternoon.

“Moving into the new hospital was a big step in our ($1.2 billion) redevelopment. It’s a huge milestone.”

In the last year, Walsh said Bridgepoint has “really taken possession” of its shiny new space, filling it with 16,000 new pieces of equipment, technology and therapy tools.

“We finally have the facilities that our patients and staff deserve,” Marian Walsh, Bridgepoint Active Healthcare’s president and CEO

The move has also included a reorganization of services, which as a result have led to three major awards: Accreditation with Exemplary Standing, Stroke Distinction, and the Ontario Health Association’s Gold Status for Quality Healthcare Workplace.

In terms of patient care, Walsh said one way the new 10-storey facility for patients with complex, chronic health conditions is far superior to what was there previously is the state-of-the-art rehabilitation gyms on every floor.

“This has meant that we have increased the number of patients we serve because we can do more intensive rehabilitation,” she explained, adding as a result of the new 680,000-square-foot building patient stays have decreased by 25 per cent, while the number of patients served is up by 25 per cent.

“We’ve got more patients being cared for at Bridgepoint. We have an increase in outpatient programming because of the new facility. This wasn’t available before,” she said, also pointing to the facility’s large ambulatory care centre.

Overall, Walsh said Bridgepoint’s new hospital offers so many more destinations for patient wellness and rehabilitation.

“People come here and get fully engaged in life and living,” she said.

“From the moment patients come in here they say they feel so much more better by just being here.”

Three months after the big move, a patient survey was conducted, which found 98.5 per cent of Bridgepoint patients would recommend the hospital to their family and friends.

Walsh said staff members are also feeling re-energized by being able to work in a new, modern hospital.

“It’s an inspiring and exciting place to work,” she said, noting a recent survey found 90 per cent of those working at Bridgepoint are happy with their job and place of work.

“We finally have the facilities that our patients and staff deserve,” Walsh said.

“We’ve always had really good staff and really strong programming but the new facility is letting us go from good to great. … We can now see what a huge difference having a new building makes.”

More than 400 patients officially moved into the new Bridgepoint hospital on April 14, 2013.

The building’s grand opening celebration was held just over two months later on June 25, 2013.

Bridgepoint’s one-year anniversary celebration took place April 17. The festivities also included the unveiling of the “We Are One” yearbook.