We're the Family Health Team 
The Bridgepoint Family Health Team

The Bridgepoint Family Health Team brings family physicians together with inter-disciplinary
health care professionals - including a nurse practitioner, registered nurse and social worker - who work as a team to provide you with:
  • Comprehensive family medicine services;
  • Health promotion services;
  • Focused care for patients living with complex chronic disease.
Funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, the Bridgepoint Family Health Team serves patients both in the Riverdale community and from across the Greater Toronto Area. The Team operates with an innovative service model that includes the patient as a full partner and participant in their care.

Meet the Team

Primary Care Providers
  • Dr. Bob Bernstein
  • Kim Chow, Nurse Practitioner
  • Dr. Karen Chu
  • Dr. Arielle Cheifetz
  • Dr. Cathy Kamens
  • Dr. Erin McCarvill  
Interdisciplinary Health Professionals
  • Lora Judge, Social Worker
  • Lourdes Martin, Medical Assistant 
  • Mike Ouellette, Medical Assistant
  • Meghan Rule, Registered Nurse
  • Colleen Youngs, Registered Nurse

Diabetes Education Program

  • Judy Breau, Nurse Educator 
  • Tara Koyama, Dietitian Educator
  • Andrea Shawera, Administrative Assistant
Administrative Professionals
  • Diane Farrell, Administrative Assistant
  • Alice McDermott, Administrative Assistant
  • Jessica Neverson, Records Clerk
  • Isaac Van Dyke, Room Stocker
  • Shantelle Veld, Executive Director
  • Haley Walsh, Coordinator
Latest News


Please note that during the week of March Break (March 10-14) there will be a limited number of physicians in the clinic; we appreciate your cooperation and understanding in scheduling appointments.

The Bridgepoint Family Health Team is not accepting new patients at this time.

Phone: 416-470-6690
Fax: 416-470-6691
Email: fht@bridgepointhealth.ca
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