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NOTICE: Construction

The south and north facing entrances to the building will be demolished and re-built between July 6th and July 24th

During this time, you may be required to use an alternate entrance when visiting your doctor

There will not be any changes made to the wheelchair accessible entrance during this time

*TTC Users: The streetcar stop "Langley Avenue" is closer to the alternate entrance than the streetcar stop "Simpson Avenue"

Bridgepoint Family Health Team

The Bridgepoint Family Health Team provides primary care to 5,500 patients from the Riverdale community and across the GTA. Our team uses an innovative service model that includes you, the patient, as a full partner in your care.

We bring family physicians together with interdisciplinary health care professionals - including a nurse practitioner, registered nurses, a social worker, and diabetes nurse/dietitian educators.  We work as a team to provide you with the best patient care possible.