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Nurses coming to Bridgepoint Active Healthcare with an individual preceptor join us for a three day orientation at the start of their placement.

We have two three day Orientations this coming Fall Term 2017.  1:1 students from Centennial and Seneca Colleges should join us at 0800hrs on Monday 11 September 2017.  1:1 students from George Brown College and Ryerson University should begin their orientation 0800hrs Wednesday 13 September 2017.  The Schedules are here for Monday and here for Wednesday.

If you have any questions about your Orientation please contact your College, or email the Bridgepoint Academic Office.

Please note that preceptored nurses cannot start their placements until they have attended the orientation days.  Please do not come to Bridgepoint until your orientation days start.

Please also note that these orientations are only for students who are coming to work with an individual preceptor.  Students coming in groups with a Clinical Instructor have their own orientation and will hear about that via their CI.