Bridgepoint Health is a publicly-funded health care organization located just east of downtown Toronto. We provide specialized patient care, research and teaching in the field of complex chronic disease prevention and management - the biggest health care challenge of the 21st century.

Our patients include individuals recovering from a stroke, heart attack, trauma, acquired brain injury, prolonged hospitalization and intensive care or surgery. As well, we provide care to people living with the complications and limitations of Parkinson's disease, advanced diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and HIV/AIDS.

Bridgepoint has two core clinical programs: Complex Care and Complex Rehabilitation. We deliver our core services through specialized inpatient and outpatient programs. Within these programs, we have several areas of focus. Currently, we receive patient referrals from more than 50 health care organizations across and beyond the Greater Toronto Area. Please speak with a member of your health care team to receive more information on whether Bridgepoint is the right place for you.

Complex Care Program

Bridgepoint’s Complex Care Program serves people living with the effects of severe stroke, advanced dementia, progressive neurological/degenerative diseases, moderate to severe brain injury, advanced diabetes with complications, and advanced HIV/AIDS. It also serves complex frail elders and end-stage cancer patients with complications, many of whom may be transitioning from a serious or prolonged stay in another hospital.

Complex Rehabilitation Program

Our Complex Rehabilitation Program serves stroke survivors with moderate function loss, patients with acquired brain injury, patients with multiple, severe fractures, and patients who have gone through a long-term, debilitating treatment or major surgery with complications. We provide our rehabilitative care through three primary inpatient areas and one multi-service outpatient clinic.
To learn more about Bridgepoint, visit our Programs and Services section.
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